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Total Care is a group of therapists, five counselors and three psychologists, who have varied experiences and backgrounds.  The therapists have a common goal to give each client an opportunity to discuss their problems and develop solutions in a safe, comfortable, confidential atmosphere.  They provide quality counseling or psychotherapy for a wide varied of concerns.

The therapists guide the clients towards resolution of many problems such as depression, anxiety, grief, abuse, relationships, parenting, varieties of lack of self-control, bi-polar disorder, and chronic disability to name a few.

Scheduling Appointments

Baptesia and a Busy Bumble BeeWhen you decide to seek therapy, call the office (330) 782-7701), and a friendly receptionist will schedule you.  You may ask for a specific therapist or for the first available for your situation.  The receptionist may need to ask a general question about what your concern is and what insurance you have or if you are self pay in order to schedule you with the appropriate therapist.  Anything you say is confidential according to HIPPA guidelines.  Clients may be as young as five all the way to senior citizens.

When you arrive at the office, twenty minutes before your appointment, you will fill out the inevitable forms.  Please bring your insurance card.  Your therapist will greet you in the waiting room.  During your first session you will give your therapist an overview of your reasons for seeking therapy and a general outline of your current life.  This is a comfortable setting. The therapist will begin to get to know you and you will begin to become comfortable with the process.   You may be asked to complete a questionnaire to provide additional diagnostic information.

The Therapy

Grape Leaves Over the CreekYour sessions may be scheduled weekly, biweekly, or according to whatever is needed to work on your issues and according to the availability of you and your therapist.  Most clients start out on a weekly basis.  The length of therapy is based on the extent of your issue and on your willingness to think about/work on the issue outside sessions.  Often change is subtle at first.  Many clients have friends who notice changes in them before they, themselves, are aware of it.   Mood may be more positive, level of energy/activity is changed, decisions may be more realistic and goal directed, etc.  At other times there may be ‘aha’ moments when a realization comes suddenly.

Sessions are 45 to 50 minutes long.  Occasionally a therapist may run over.  The modalities of therapy include quite a variety:  Cognitive Behavioral,  Experiential, Client Centered, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Hypnosis, Biofeedback,  Reality,  and many others.  Most of us have multiple training experiences and so the therapy is likely to mix modalities.

When you come to a session you may have a specific issue you want to talk about or you may plan to pick up where you left off last session.  You have the major role in setting the topic. 


Water and Rocks Warmed by the SunDifferent from medical treatment, there is no clear ending.  Usually the clients decide that they have accomplished their goals and tell the therapist that they are ready to leave therapy.  This is discussed, the accomplishments are reviewed, and reminders made of situations about which to be alert.  Clients may return when they confront a situation for which they want confidential dialogue or if they feel they need some reminders.



White VioletsThe entire therapy process occurs under the promise of confidentiality.  Total Care therapists and staff follow HIPPA guidelines which specify limitations.  Also, as mental health professionals, the therapists are bound by the ethical guidelines of their specific licensing organizations.  Limitations to confidentiality require reporting of potential suicide or homicide.  Also cases of child or elder abuse are reported.  Other than that, information can only be released if you request it.  We need a signed release form for that.  Some minimal information has to be released to your insurance company but they are required also to follow HIPPA limitations and keep your information private.



Most insurance coverage is accepted or a fee for services can be arranged.



This abandoned quarry was transformed into a beautiful garden which is visited by thousands of people yearly. We, too can transform ourselves into something more beautiful.

This abandoned quarry was transformed into a beautiful garden which is visited by thousands of people yearly. We, too can transform ourselves into something more beautiful.